Hull # 03 To Annapolis Sailing School

We’re delighted to send Hull # 03 off on her
Triad Trailer to Annapolis for the Spring Sailboat Show and subsequent career at the Annapolis Sailing School. We totally buy into the Annapolis Way!

Look for Hulls # 04 and 05 to follow close
behind, giving the school and the town of
Annapolis our first official fleet.

Come by the show April 29-May 1 and visit Tent B 11, Tent B 12, & Land B1 to meet us and see what ‘Seriously Fun’ is all about!

Knock knock. Who’s there?
Orange. Orange who?
Orange ya ready to order your 245?!

3 Replies to “Hull # 03 To Annapolis Sailing School”

  1. The mast is too tall to go under the Haulover Inlet bridge near North Miami, Florida. Other than that, the boat fits my needs.

    1. Thanks Hal. Haulover Inlet can be a BEAST, but I know you know that better than most! Still, we don’t want to see you on the YouTube channel!

      How did you like the masthead rig I drew up with 31′ air draft?
      I have it at about an 8% loss of sail area, obviously up high where it counts. You wouldn’t get a Windex (Ha!), but the boat would sail.

      I’m not sure they’d let us actually build that rig, but it’s fun to dream. Either way I have enjoyed talking boats & sails with you – thanks!

      1. Thank you foe this effort, but I have not seen the masthead rig with 31′ air draft. Was it attached to an e-mail ?

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